Venandi may be a start up, but we have big ambitions and always find a way to get things done. Our ‘mood film’ is a case in point. We needed a showcase for our new Venandi 900 luxury tender, both for our own website and to share on social media. Something to give people an immediate impression of our latest ‘baby’, and hopefully fall in love with it, just as we had.

Venandi-luxury-tendersThe obvious route would have been to hire a professional film production company and let them do what they do best. We could just picture the footage of the Venandi 900 sailing the South of France, living the glamorous life. But that wouldn’t have been true to who we are.

At Venandi Yachts, we like to set ourselves challenges. To push ourselves. To go places we haven’t gone before. So we decided to shoot the ‘mood film’ ourselves. Not in Cannes or St Tropez, but in Braassemermeer and Kagerplassen in the southern Netherlands. We’re a Dutch company, after all, so this seemed appropriate. It’s also a lovely spot, known for sailing, its music and social scene and a beautiful green polder landscape dotted with windmills.

Of course, storyboarding, planning, filming and post-production proved a steep learning curve for us. But to fully understand a technical process (even when you outsource it) it’s never a bad idea to experience it yourself.

Venandi-moodfilm-camerateamWe interviewed several actors until we found the right ‘couple’ for the job. And luckily our owner Roel Hachmang has two cute nieces, who fitted the roles of their children perfectly.

We hired a professional camera crew. The director had his own ideas, of course, and kept telling us that “the creative process cannot be disturbed”, but he knew what we wanted and how to get it.

It was a long day — dawn until dusk. We were determined to get that romantic shot in the evening light. We weren’t helped by the fact that our ‘follow boat’ broke down a couple of times. But all in all, we were very happy with the results. The experience was hard work but lots of fun.

And now our ‘mood film’ is out there, giving people a glimpse of the Venandi lifestyle. And we have the satisfaction of knowing we made it ourselves.